Find Encouragement in Suffering

How to Forgive the One Who Keeps Hurting You

Learning how to forgive can be so hard. It’s hard enough to forgive someone who has wounded you in some way, but what about the one who keeps on hurting you?Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a coworker, sometimes we get caught in a vicious cycle of hurt. And...

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Hope for the One Who Feels Abandoned

This week I am thrilled to welcome Sarah Geringer to the Standing Against Satan Series. Her honesty speaks truth into the depths of rejection. And her words offer beautiful insight to those struggling with a fear of abandonment.  I have fought in a long battle against...

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Learning to Say It is Well When Your World is Falling Apart

Have you ever been through a time where everything seemed to be falling apart? Maybe you’re going through a major transition that is shaking your world. Or maybe you’ve felt the weight of grief or despair. Why is it that when we go through times of suffering, God...

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Fighting the Battle Against Satan’s Attacks on Your Home

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Carmen Brown to the Standing Against Satan Series. She gives us an honest and powerful look at the battle that goes on within the walls of our homes and how we can take a stand against the Enemy's attempts to steal our peace and our joy....

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The Truth About Your Story – Even the Ugly Parts

How do you feel about your story? Too simple? Too scary? Too much? I’ll let you in on something here: I’ve spent most of my life walking in fear of sharing my story. People won’t understand. I’ll be judged. People will run. These lies rested within my soul for as long...

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Standing Against Satan’s Attacks on My Mind

I am so excited to welcome Gretchen Fleming in the Standing Against Satan series. Today, she shares her beautiful story of standing firm in one of the most viscous battlefield's against our enemy: our minds. Her words of wisdom and truth are powerful and lead us right...

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Learning to Surrender an Anxious Heart

We all experience anxiety on some level. Some walk around with worries filling the back of their minds. And others are cloaked with a deeper and more consuming anxiety. I admit that I have been both.   Anxiety has peeked its ugly head into my life in so many...

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Standing Against Satan’s Deceit

So often we are unable to see the lies we believe until they’ve already caused chaos in our lives.We know that Satan exists, but we forget how present he is in the day to day.A few months ago, I reached a point where I knew I was drowning in lies. Satan had a foothold...

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