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I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been on this crazy journey of ups and downs, clinging to God’s promises and hope. Life isn’t easy and I’m not one to pretend it is. So let’s get real about hope and suffering because it is a very real part of each and every one of our lives. And when we can get real, we can find hope and strength to carry on firm in our faith!

My mission here at Courage. Hope. Love. is to bring you the encouragement you need in the midst of suffering and the guidance to living a powerful and hope-filled faith!

I’m married to my oh-so-amazing husband and living in Lancaster County, PA. We are on the upside of remodeling our house – planted between farms and Amish country. We just got a puppy and love her! Two of my favorite things are writing in a coffee shop or sharing a coffee date with friends! Learn more about me and my life below!


What Courage. Hope. Love. Is All About


My mission is to encourage, to inspire and to help those who are struggling. Here you will
find resources
to help you find hope in hard times.

We are in this journey together and this website exists to come alongside you and walk with you towards
an authentic faith and a healed heart. Let’s get real about our struggles, find healing and overcome!

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Get to Know Me


My Story

I gave my life to Jesus after hearing the gospel through a group called Young Life. I went on to attend Messiah College, studying Biopsychology and there I met my closest friends and my husband! My story is more of a whirlwind of ups and downs. God has brought me out of some deep and painful brokenness and has walked me through some amazing and awe-inspiring blessings.

After graduating college, I spent several years trying to figure out what I wanted to “do with my life”. I thought that a secure and defined career was the answer and so I dove into 3 different paths, hoping to find the answer. But God was calling me to something different all along. It wasn’t until I slowed down and finally surrendered my expectations and my hopes to Him that He opened the door to where I am now – the most undefined, unconventional career path there is! But He is blessing each step immensely.

I’ve struggled through some very tough things in my life and for most of my adolescent and young adult years, I had NO idea how to find hope and guidance. That’s why I’m so passionate about getting real about our struggles. It’s so easy to find yourself surrounded by pretend smiles and unrealistic happy lives. We want what’s real and yet we still try to be that perfect picture, that put-together life.

I am not and have never been that “put-together” kinda girl. I’ve always yearned for the deeper, tough but real connections that bring hope and encouragement and healing. So join with me and let’s get real about life. Let’s find true hope and true healing that God offers to you and to me! I’ll include some links about specific parts of my struggles that you can get to know. These struggles run deep through my message because God has taught me so much about redemptions, breaking of chains, healing and standing against Satan through each one of my struggles! I hope to be able to share more as time goes on. Don’t hesitate to check back for more!

My Family

I’m married to the amazing guy pictured to the left. He has been the biggest blessing a girl could ask for! We’ve been married almost 3 years. We’ve been through a major home remodel (Fixer-Upper Style) and we just added a lab puppy named Daisy to our family. We live in Lancaster County and love our church family and friends. I grew up in Maryland and Eric grew up here! We love spending time with my family down on the water in Maryland and we are so grateful to be living close to his family!

My Favorite Things

– Coffee dates with friends
– Being on the water-fishing, boating, crabbing
– Writing fiction
– Cooking Italian-style
– Reading (especially at the beach!)
– Walks or drives with my husband
– Mentoring/Encouraging
– Running
– Inspirational quotes
– Pasta
– Playing piano and guitar

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