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Nice to Meet You

I’ve always been passionate about encouraging others & walking together through life. And now as a mama, I believe we need this more than ever!

Here’s my story…

I’m a regular-old mom trying to figure out all the things. All the while striving to be the woman God calls me to be, the wife & mama God calls me to be and run a business!

It can get exhausting and I’ve learned so much about growing my faith through some of the most difficult times in life and some of the most joyous.

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s swap stories because, Mama, we are in this together!

“Moms don’t have to have it all together, we just need to stick together.”

Where It All Began

Let’s rewind back to 2016 when I was newly married and searching hard for the path God had for me. I’d given my life to Christ in high school and spent many years after that learning to surrender and cope with past trauma, anxiety, chronic illness and all kinds of struggles that come with the ups and downs with life.

I desperately wanted to please everyone around me because I was searching hard for love.

I thought my value was in what I did. I wanted to be enough. And no matter how hard I tried, I fell short.

But then God showed me

what was behind it all

God opened my eyes to the spiritual warfare that was raging beneath the surface. He showed me how the hurts from my past were driving my every perception & struggle. And I’m forever grateful that He led me through a journey of healing and redemption!

I began to find confidence in myself. I began to grow in my faith and hear God’s voice. I began to overcome in spiritual warfare and learn to love without fear or hurt guiding my every interaction.

I sought out God’s will for me and asked Him to Speak to Me

I wanted to find my calling but I needed to come to a place of total surrender. I had to step forward in this new redemption & healing and follow Him.

I wanted to share all that God had helped me to overcome. I wanted to walk with others through the difficult times and encourage them as they drew closer to God

Then Came the Blog

In 2017 I started Courage. Hope. Love. in a leap of faith. I quit my almost-completed Master’s program in teaching and dove into blogging full-speed ahead. I share more of this story here.

God took this blog and exploded it for His amazing kingdom and I’ve been in awe at the ministry it has formed into. I have constantly been on a journey of seeking His will and it is not easy!

But this blog is here for YOU. To encourage you and walk with you through your days – exactly where you are.

You weren’t meant to go it alone. God calls us to walk together.

Join the community here and latch arms with mamas striving to

follow God

Get the Monday Motivation Devotional & join the community. We are all about sharing stories, walking together & finding true encouragement!


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