Join me in preparing your heart for powerful and effective prayer that works.

These 5 lessons include exclusive resources, encouragement and instruction to guide you to growth in your faith and transformation in your prayer life.

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Are you ready to bring the spark back to your marriage?

Join me for my 5-day video challenge and let’s TRANSFORM your marriage.

These 5 challenges will open the door to a new outlook on marriage and give you specific and powerful tools to make your marriage thrive!

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Find deeper intimacy and connection in your marriage.

What if there was a way to connect more deeply with your spouse to make your marriage thrive?

Would you be willing to put in the effort?

In each section of the course, you will find videos and audio downloads and printable worksheets and resources that will help you to find greater intimacy and a deeper connection in your marriage!

This course is built to be worked through both individually and together with your spouse, and many of the resources are made to be used and re-used as you grow and transform your

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