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This 3 week study will equip and empower you to hear God’s call, learn how to discern His voice and find the strength and courage to step out in faith and follow your call!

Find Your Calling is more than just a 3 week study, it includes numerous resources for each part to help you find that confidence and clarity in where God is calling you.

Discover Direction and Your Purpose as a Part of God’s Plan

About Me

I was once right where you are. I was looking for direction, longing for purpose and ready to follow God’s call! But I couldn’t figure out where He wanted me no matter how hard I searched. I came to a point where choosing to follow the path in front of me would mean sacrificing everything else I had been working towards. I needed to know where God wanted me and I needed to hear it clearly.

As a passionate and faith-driven writer, I know just how hard it can be to discover where God wants you and to find what it takes to follow His call. This study combines my personal experience of discovering my call and taking that scary leap with biblical lessons that will guide you to your own personal discovery of your calling and purpose.

A Study Full of Biblical Lessons and Personal Discovery

Inside Find Your Calling:

  • Learn how to be open to God’s voice and the Holy Spirit’s promptings
  • Discover what areas of your life may be holding you back from hearing God’s call
  • Overcome insecurities and take hold of God’s promises to you
  • Learn how to discern your call above distractions and fears
  • Discover meaning in every part of your life

+ These Exclusive Resources & More!

Study Curriculum

Part One: Preparing Your Heart to Hear God's Call

This part will help you to discover and put into action the very things that are essential to hearing God speak. You will learn key strategies to orient your heart towards God’s will and to hear His call for you. It’s not always easy to hear God’s voice, especially when the world’s and our own is so much louder. That is why it is so important to start with this section and to really prepare your heart to listen.

Part Two: Discerning God's Voice

In this part, you will learn some practical and powerful ways to discern God’s voice above the worlds. It can be so hard to trust that what you are hearing is God’s voice. This section will unpack exactly how you can strengthen your muscle of discernment!

Part Three: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Call

Discovering where God is calling you is just the first step. Once you begin to find confidence in that call, you’re most likely going to need to figure out how to follow it! God doesn’t normall call us to the easiest and most expected path. Everytime God has called me somewhere new, it has taken an immense leap of faith and I couldn’t follow this new call lightly. This section unpacks how you can build the courage, strength and trust to take your own leap of faith into God’s calling for your life.

Find Your Calling was an awesome study and a huge source of blessing on my life! It really challenged me to take my prayer life to the next level and really seek God’s plan for me. I could feel Him speaking to me and guiding me in situations I’d never noticed His presence before. I can definitely say that I’ve gained the courage to pray boldly for God’s plan for my life and am excited to see what’s next!

Sarah Snyder

I found the Find Your Calling Study to be exactly what was hoping it would be and more. It showed me that not only am I worthy but I do not need to conform to what others think I should be doing. I know what my spiritual gifts are and this study helped me define my calling according to those according to God’s will not the world’s.
Christina Pohlman

A very timely study for me and helped me see things that I’ve not been aware of related to my future. Questions are probing in a very positive way and He didn’t fail to respond to my questions.
Mary Broderson

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this study is for me?

This study is for you if:

You’re just starting the search to finding God’s call for you.

You have an established career, but are looking for purpose and meaning in what you do.

You thought you were following God’s call, but now you’re doubting it.

You know your call, but you’re afraid to take the leap and follow it.

When does the study start and finish?

This study was built to be finished in 3 weeks. But, you will have lifetime access to the eBook and resources so you can take as long as you need!

What if I am unhappy with the study?

I would never want you to be unhappy! This study is designed to encourage and equip you to follow God’s call. If you are unsatisfied with the study after going through 3 weeks and implementing all methods and utilizing all resources, I would be happy to talk to you about a refund and/or additional resources and encouragement!

I'm ready to discover what call God has for me!