Finding Purpose in Waiting

Sometimes life goes exactly how you want it tPatience in Waitingo – pieces falling into all of the right places at all of the right times.  And sometimes it doesn’t.

So how do we find our purpose in times when the answers aren’t clear?  How do we find fulfillment even in the seasons of waiting?

People run from times that are chaotic and difficult, unexpected and unsure.  We spend so much time anticipating  the next and perfect milestone: graduation, moving out, marriage, children, vacation, etc. and we expect these milestones to hold the answers and happiness that we have been long awaiting.  However, when we do this, we miss out on the amazing and beautiful process of finding our purpose and becoming all that we can in the moments we are in.

…take time

As a culture that is encouraged to work hard, stay busy and always be moving forward, I have found the treasure of taking time to just be.  Life has thrown me several curveballs and in those seasons, I have raced forward trying to anticipate and prepare for the next surprise.  Instead of resting in the peace of Christ, I’ve spent endless hours scrambling to apply for jobs I didn’t want, researching career paths that fit the bill of what I expect out of life and diving into distractions like movies and TV.

But every time, my facade falters.  I end up feeling purposeless and empty.  It wasn’t until I started to take time with God, reflecting on my life and aligning my heart and my desires with His, that I found faith and a growing confidence.  Slowly, through this change of heart, I was able to relax in times of quiet.  In this culture, it is really hard to slow down.  But by charging through life, we miss God’s voice.  He doesn’t call to us in the roaring winds, but in a quiet whisper we can only hear if we are still.

…be patient

I’ve heard it said that patience is not merely waiting, but how one reacts to a time of waiting.  In times of waiting, I seek to fill my life with busyness and answers.  However, with this as my approach, the answers I quickly gather for myself feel empty.  If I am to truly be patient, I cannot simply push through these difficult times, scavenging for short-lived bits of happiness.  I must live in the present time and truly make the most of every moment.

…be content

To be content in times like this is a honed skill.  It takes confidence and a peace that is not easily found.  I know that my life has a plan and that I must work hard and seek earnestly after that plan; however, I must wait patiently in the time that comes between the questions and the answers.

God works in these times of waiting.  He may be preparing your heart for an amazing journey just around the corner.  He may be using you in a way that won’t be known this side of heaven.  We don’t always know the intricate and beautiful ways that God weaves our lives into His plan, but all we can do in the meantime is trust in Him and live to bring Him glory.


There is a time for everything and we mustn’t forget to find joy in every moment.  Taking time to fully be present in each moment, no matter how profound or how simply ordinary, brings a joy and appreciation for life that surpasses even the greatest of milestones.


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