Freedom From Satan's Attacks
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Your Biggest Weapon to Unlock Freedom from Satan’s Attacks

I’ve spent a lot of time under the current of Satan’s grasp. I’ve been pummeled by his lies and swept into deeper waters where I felt like I was drowning.

And throughout this time, I thought God had abandoned me. I thought I was left at the will of Satan and out of all my suffering, this was the most hopeless part of it all.

At this time in my faith, I didn’t know the truth in a lot of areas.

Your Biggest Weapon to Unlock Freedom from Satan's Attacks

I didn’t know that although we may be swept into great suffering, God is with us in it EVEN IF He doesn’t rescue us from it.

I didn’t know that Satan wanted to convince me that God had abandoned me.

And above all, I didn’t know the most powerful weapon against Satan’s attacks on my life: praise.

I first heard the song, Surrounded (Fight My Battles) a few days ago at a worship night. I was blown away by this truth that washed over my view of that broken time in my life.

This is how I fight my battles. It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You.

Let’s break down how we can fight our battles with praise.

Why is there Power in Praise?

When we praise the Lord for His goodness, His mercy and His presence in our lives, we not only remind Satan of his place, but we remind our own hearts of the power of God.

We belong to Christ. We are saved and safe in His arms. Nothing can enter our lives that He is not in complete control of. And although this doesn’t mean we can avoid all suffering, it means that He is with us in that suffering. His light can walk with us through that darkness.

And Satan cannot stand in the presence of light.

But everything exposed by the light becomes visible--and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. -Ephesians 5:13

When we shine the light of the Word of God on anything dark or hopeless in our life, Satan cannot stand.

There is hope and power in praise because it shines God’s all-consuming light into our darkness.

Satan Has to Leave

Praise helps our hearts turn to a position of submitting to the Lord. When we praise God, we acknowledge who God is and surrender to Him.

And in this submission, Satan has to leave.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. -James 4:7

I love the beautiful picture that the movie, War Room, paints of this truth. In the movie, the main character walks around her house claiming God’s presence. She utters in desperation, “God I submit to You.”

Remember this beautiful truth from this song:

It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You

Take time to submit your heart to God, even in the middle of your suffering and Satan will have to leave.

It’s Not Easy to Praise in Times of Suffering

It’s no magical equation, sometimes it’s in these moments that we feel abandoned that it can become painfully hard to utter even the smallest praise to the Lord.

I know because, in those times, I could barely stand during praise music. I wanted so badly to stand and sing to God, but I would fall to my seat in hopelessness. I couldn’t bring myself to utter these words of praise.

But in that praise, we push Satan’s grasp further from our hearts. So I want to encourage you to start small.

Don’t expect whole-hearted utter devotion to God in praise when you are in your darkest place.

Start with simply saying the phrase, “God, I submit to you.” Say this, even if you don’t quite believe it or feel it. Uttering the truth will help you begin to take your stand against Satan.

Speak truth out loud. Speak praise out loud.

There is so much power in praise. Praise can become your biggest weapon against Satan, especially in times of great suffering.

My victory is in Jesus name.

How have you seen praise give you the strength to stand against Satan?



  1. I realize now why I have been having such difficulty in Rejecting Satans influence in my life. When the wrong desires came I had never submitted fully to God in praise and worship. Each time I would fail in rejecting the urge to sin. Lip service in sayings couple of praises doesn’t cut it. It must be heartfelt worship to stop Satan.

  2. Yes! There is something unleashed in the spiritual realm when we get a grip on the power of praise. I love the Biblical truth of King Jehoshaphat -armies surrounded him, yet in obedience he praised to his promised victory. I found myself in the heat of battle several years ago, enduring something that seemed impossible. During that time, early in the morning before my family would wake up, my laundry room became a place of praise where I would literally dance before the Lord and praise him for the unseen victory that he promised. It seems so silly – and feels so silly sometimes but I believe that to be a device of the enemy to stop us from doing it. You are spot on – Praise is powerful!

  3. You’re so right about how its not easy to praise God in the difficult times. But there truly is power in it and that’s when we need to be praising the most. I always think of the song Praise You In This Storm when it comes to this.

  4. It is really hard to pray in dark times, even though that is when we need to the most. You have given people who are struggling the perfect encouragement, “start small”. I think it is a really hard concept to understand why God would allow these times of hurt to go on in our lives without saving us from them. I do know that he has a plan and purpose for everything even when we can’t see it.

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