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3 Incredible Benefits of Praying for Your Marriage

As a newlywed, I had no idea the power and strength that comes from praying specifically and strategically for my marriage.Sure, every once in awhile, I’d offer up a request or something I was grateful for. But committing to praying for my marriage was foreign to me....

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How to Fight the Communication Battle in Your Marriage

I'm so excited to welcome Alisa from Flourishing Today for this next post in the Standing Against Satan series! She offers great biblical insight into the communication battle in our marriages. Read on to discover how to take a stand against Satan's attacks on your...

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Choosing Growth: Investing In Your Marriage

I remember the day clearly; following ski patrol across the mountain. The same mountain that just hours earlier held wonder and excitement, was now an icy slope of fear and dread. When I reached the emergency center, my stomach finally settled when I laid eyes on my...

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When You Need a Transformation in Your Marriage

But in our sin-filled world, we are wrought with brokenness. Broken trust. Broken grace. Broken vulnerability. Wives struggle to submit. Husbands struggle to serve. But as we seek to hand our marriages over to the Lord, we find that He heals us. He sanctifies our...

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How to Fight Selfishness in Marriage

Marriage woke me up to a side of myself that had never before been so exposed.It was there, lurking beneath the surface, working in my life in ways that were hardly visible. But in marriage, the veil ripped away and my selfishness became evident.  At first, it was the...

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

I’m going to be honest and admit that when life gets busy, serving my husband quietly slips onto the backburner. After all, we have so many responsibilities, activities and important tasks to get done every day. And with only a few hours left in the evenings, we don’t...

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Why Prayer is Essential to a Thriving Marriage

I prayed about my marriage.I spent time asking God to grow us and to bring us closer.But looking back I had no idea how important devoted and strategic prayer was to a healthy and thriving marriage.When you spend devoted time in prayer, specifically about your...

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3 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well This Holiday Season

The holidays are busy. We rush around decorating, shopping and spending time with family.  The activities and family time can be great things, but oftentimes it takes away from quality time in your marriage. I know that when I get busy, the easiest thing to let...

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