Setting Healthy Boundaries in Life Transitions

Keeping healthy boundaries during transitions can be hard.

It’s during these times that I’ve often struggled most.

Our routines fade, new stressors appear, and thing begin to feel out of control.

And often, in this spiral of newness, boundaries in our lives begin to lean or crumble.

Setting Health Boundaries During Transitions

Our lives contain all kinds of boundaries Between work and life, relationships, those set to resist temptation and so much more.

These boundaries allow us to maintain healthy spiritual, emotional and physical parts of our lives.

Establishing what you need in order to find emotional and spiritual well-being is essential during life transitions.

So how do you set these boundaries?


Discovering healthy boundaries for yourself will require a lot of guidance from the Lord.

God knows your heart inside and out. He knows what is ahead and what you need.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worked to establish a new boundary in my life only to face a circumstance where I would desperately need it.

As you pray, keep an open heart to God’s direction. He will reveal to you areas of your life that need boundaries.

Consider Your Needs

As you walk into difficult transitions, you will face struggles and exhaustion. It’s essential to consider what you need in order to stay healthy.

Let’s take a look at each area of consideration:


This may mean setting a specific bed time that you need, keeping your distance from certain foods or situations that may affect you negatively.


This can look like setting aside time for prayer or reading the Bible. It can also mean taking time to be still with the Lord each day.


You may need to step time to talk to a mentor or friend. Or it might look like establishing boundaries in a specific relationship to protect your heart.

Keeping God at the Center

Our greatest purpose is to fully live for the Lord and to love others as God has called us to. As you consider your needs, it is essential to remember your purpose.

What is it that  you need in order to keep the Lord and His purpose at the center of your life?

I often try to journal about this. It helps me to sort through what boundaries I need to establish, especially in times of struggle or transition, in order to be ready to serve and love others.

As you walk through a transition, be sure to prayerfully approach setting healthy boundaries in your life.

What has helped you to establish healthy boundaries?

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