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Hey there, I’m Nicole!

I’ve always been passionate about encouraging others & walking together through life. And now as a mama, I believe we need this more than ever!

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Letting God Shape Our Motherhood Journey

Letting God Shape Our Motherhood Journey

How often do we try to take the reins in motherhood? We have a vision or dream for what it will look like and naturally we think we know how to get there.  But what if we stepped back and let God shape our motherhood journey? God has shown me over and over again...

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How to Love the Home You Have Right Now

How to Love the Home You Have Right Now

How do you love the home you have right now when there are so many unfinished corners, undecorated walls and unorganized closets?  Today we will take a look at the essential mindset we need to do this, two practical tips to get started while staying content and...

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