The Power of Surrender in the Midst of the Storm - Courage. Hope. Love.

There was a time where I almost lost my faith.

It was my sophomore year in college and my life seemed to be spiralling downwards fast.

Later, that pain would come to receive the label of “PTSD”, but at the time, it felt like abandonment, hopelessness and gut-wrenching anxiety.


Do you ever struggle to find God in the middle of suffering? I know I do. Where is God when we suffer? How do we surrender in the middle of our pain?

I got to a place where I could not come before God without breaking down.

Why would He allow this pain?

Why did He leave me in the midst of Satan’s attacks?

No matter how much I reasoned with the Bible and all that I knew about God, I found no answers and no glimmer of understanding.

And so I remained stuck in the belief that God had left me.

After all, how could He love me and leave me to suffer so much?

As I allowed myself to wallow in this thinking, Satan’s grasp grew tight around me. I was stuck in bondage to something I thought Christ had freed me from long ago.

My focus turned inward as I tried to cling to any form of relief from my pain.

What could I do to find peace?

What could I control to find relief?

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How to Surrender in the Middle of Your Pain



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