So often we are unable to see the lies we believe until they’ve already caused chaos in our lives.

We know that Satan exists, but we forget how present he is in the day to day.

A few months ago, I reached a point where I knew I was drowning in lies. Satan had a foothold in my life and in my heart.


Standing Against Satan's Deceit

It seemed, just like it always had, that it was only the big things where Satan was moving.

I could see him working when something major was wrong. It was obvious then that he had a foothold.

But that is exactly what he wants us to believe - that he is only in the major problems. And the little day-to-day things - they don’t matter.

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. -2 Corinthians 11:14

He doesn’t want to be seen for who he is. He doesn’t want to be exposed.

Instead, he deceives in a way that we completely miss.

He gives us a plan, a hope, a desire so close to the truth that we don’t even recognize the lie.

The enemy disguises his plans so that we unknowingly let him in and carry them out.

The enemy disguises his plans so that we unknowingly let him in and carry them out.… Click To Tweet

That first thought during an argument that maybe, just maybe, you deserve better.

The small comparison of your life, your family, your success to your neighbors.

Allowing yourself to vent just a few small feelings about your coworker, your spouse or a fellow church member.

These are just examples of such commonly accepted things in our lives. And yet, they lead us straight to the major lies we believe about who we are.

We deserve happiness.

We are unworthy.

We can do it on our own.

There are so many deeply rooted lies in our culture that we have learned to live with. And this is exactly what Satan wants.

If we fail to recognize Satan’s deception for what it is, we walk right into his snare.

When I began actively pursuing the exposure of lies in my life, I was astounded with how often I let Satan win.

And it rarely, if ever, started with something big.

I want to encourage you today to seek to expose the lies in your life. God has already given us what we need to take a stand.

You can actively take a stand against Satan by doing these 3 things.

1. Seek to Know the Truth

Search the Scriptures daily. Target the truths you know you struggle with.

Do you struggle with your identity? Love of money? Desire for control? Gossip? Unforgiveness?

When I recognize a struggle in my life, I often do a Google search: “Bible verses about _____”.

Then I write those verses down and seek to memorize them.

Your Bible is filled with the truth for any lie that Satan tries to convince you of.

Study it. Learn it. Hide it in your heart.

Because everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. -Ephesians 5:13

Bring the light of the truth into every part of your heart and your mind.

2. Ask God to Reveal the Spiritual World Behind the Physical

When I did this, my eyes were opened.

I was amazed at how often I clearly saw Satan working in even the smallest of ways. And yet, those small victories on Satan’s behalf grew to ensnare me in a foothold.

To truly live in the victory of Christ, we have to stand against Satan in the small things.



To truly live in the victory of Christ, we have to stand against Satan in the small things.… Click To Tweet

When we start to do this, we close the door to the schemes against our hearts.

We shut down the opportunity for Satan to weasel his way in.

We must remove the veil that Satan hides behind.

When the lies are exposed, they lose their power.

3. The Power of the Holy Spirit

We have been given a gift. A gift that Christ called greater than His very own presence.

“Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.” -John 16:7

We have the strength to stand in victory and the power to cast away demons. The Holy Spirit is Christ’s presence, living and working inside you.

For so long, I lived as if the Holy Spirit inside me was nothing more than an idea.

But in recent months, I have been actively and persistently praying for the Holy Spirit to work in me. And He has.

The Holy Spirit will open your eyes and convict you of the lies you’ve believed and the ways in which you can live in the truth.

Ask the Holy Spirit today, and everyday, to work in you in this way.

So what is it for you?

What has kept you from living in the abundant freedom Christ offers? What is keeping you from lasting joy and all-consuming peace?

Don’t let Satan think he can win this one.

Let’s strap on the belt of truth and take a stand against Satan’s deception.

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