Time flies.

One minute, we’re packing for the beach and the next we’re Christmas shopping.

Day after day, our busy schedules propel us into the rush of life.  And yet, God calls us to rest in Him.

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

More often than not, it is the fear of slowing down that keeps us busy.  We don’t want to face the quiet and what it stirs in our souls.

Why We Must Be Still

In the midst of rushing around, you miss out on the intimacy with God that can transform you.

Busy hearts have blinders.  When we’re so caught up in our own schedules, we forget about those around us.  We forsake our duty to love others as we would love ourselves.  This is because we are not renewing our heart and mind in the presence of God.

Have you ever missed out on the opportunity to serve another because of a distracted heart?  I know I have.

Even on a Sunday morning at church, I have missed the chance to truly take a moment to ask how a friend is doing because I have a checklist of things I need to do before the morning ends.

Our lists are important, but loving others is our highest calling.  And how can we truly find time and energy to unexpectedly offer love to another if our hearts are too busy?

Our lists are important, but loving others is our highest calling. Click To Tweet

Slowing down in the presence of God is what centers your heart on what is most important.

Can you spare a few moments to slow down with God to hear where He wants you to be today?


How to Be Still When Our Minds Race

So maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to start slowing down.  But how do you really slow down?  Even in the quiet moments, your mind races with thoughts.

First, you must schedule a time with no distractions.  Whatever it takes, find the time.  It might only be ten minutes, or you might find thirty.  Either way, a scheduled time for you to quiet your mind is essential.

Second, pray.  Start out your time with a prayer.  Tell God your struggles with being quiet.  It’s okay if you find yourself struggling to truly be still at first.  Ask His help in stilling your mind and calming your heart.  He may not answer the very first time, but over time, you will find that you are learning to be still.  Don’t give up when the first few times you try.  God doesn’t expect immediate transformation, but He works to slowly change our hearts.

Next, find scripture.  It can be a bible reading plan or just a few verses to meditate on.  Bring God’s word into your quiet time and God will meet you there.

When I struggle to clear my mind, I instead fill it with something else.  I find a verse that has encouraged me and I repeat it over and over in my mind or out loud.  And soon, I find my mind settling on the peace of God.

Finally, seek God above all else.  Many of us come to God in this time to get something.  We want peace, relief from stress and anxiety or an answer to a prayer, but this time isn’t about you.

This time is about bringing your heart into God’s presence for the purpose of communion with Him. It is when we find intimacy with the Almighty God that our souls can finally find rest.

It is when we find intimacy with the Almighty God that our souls can finally find rest. Click To Tweet

Are you seeking to give your heart over to the Lord during your busy day?

Find a few minutes in your day to be still and your life will be radically transformed.

Learn to Be Still and Hear God's Voice

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