Are you tired of Satan stealing your peace?

Are you ready to take a stand?

Today I want to share with you one of the most powerful ways, a step-by-step guide, to standing against Satan in your life.

Taking Back What the Enemy has Stolen

Whether your struggle is tangible or emotional, it is time to take back what the enemy has stolen.

Paul gives us an amazing resource in Ephesians 6. His metaphoric guidelines depict 6 pieces of armor that are crucial to taking a stand.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. -Ephesians 6:12

Satan wants you worn out and burdened by the struggles in your life.

He wants you distracted from the true battle that is raging in the spiritual world.

Satan wants you distracted from the true battle that is raging in the spiritual world.… Click To Tweet

When we focus merely on our physical problems, we end up running in circles over and over again.

Can you relate?

I may patch up my relationship with my parents only to find that same deep-seated insecurity pop up in a fight with my husband.

Satan knows our stories. He knows exactly where we are weak and vulnerable.

And he waits for just the right time to attack our minds and our peace.

That is why we must be ready.

You are given everything you need to take a stand. You just need to take the time to put the armor on.

I’m so excited to announce that I have crafted a bible study to walk you through each step of putting on the armor of God.

You can download a free sample of this study to get started right now.

Satan wants us busy and distracted. But don’t be fooled.

You need to take a look at the specific struggle in your life or lie that you’ve lived with and bring that struggle into the light. And when you do this, you can put on each piece of armor, and prepare to take a stand.

This study will walk you through each of these pieces of armor:

The Belt of Truth

It is so important to bring your struggles and each of your thoughts into the light of Christ. When you do this, Satan cannot stand.

This section will help you discover what is being kept in the dark and how to shed truth into it.

The Breastplate of Righteousness

Do you ever feel unworthy? Satan uses this as one of his greatest tools.

After all, unworthy Christians are far less likely to bring the kingdom of God here on earth.

After all, unworthy Christians are far less likely to bring the kingdom of God here on earth.… Click To Tweet

So in this section, we will unpack the idea of righteousness and learn what it really means for us as Christians.

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

God promises peace to those who trust in Him. In this section, you will learn where you find your peace and how to place your trust in Christ no matter your circumstances.

The Shield of Faith

With the shield of faith, Paul reminds us that we will be able to stop the flaming arrows of Satan.

This piece of armor comes with a benefit, a specific outcome.

As you work through this section, you will take a closer look at what it means to act in faith and learn how to take up this shield in your specific struggle.

The Helmet of Salvation

Our minds need the utmost protection. When Satan attacks, he wants our minds to be vulnerable. And that is why we need to learn how to put on the helmet of salvation.

This section will walk you through what salvation means for you in your specific struggle.

The Sword of the Spirit

This is the only offensive weapon we are given. But it is all we need. With the Word of God we can take back what the enemy  has stolen.

This section will help you to find the Scripture that pertains to your specific struggle. In doing so, you will learn how to train yourself to use this piece of armor.


When you implement this specific and powerful strategies, you will find the strength and power of God to stand against Satan.

If you’re not ready to purchase the entire study, I encourage you to pick up your free sample below. You will get instant access to the first day of the study and I hope you will join with me in putting on the armor of God and taking a stand against Satan!

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A Bible Study designed to help you suit up and take a stand against Satan in a specific struggle or area of your life.

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