In marriage, we discover a depth of relationship that is intended to echo Christ’s love for us.

Wives, submit to your husbands, as to the Lord.

Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.

This beautiful picture of marriage opens the door to trust, grace, vulnerability and strength.

When You Need a Transformation in Your Marriage

But in our sin-filled world, we are wrought with brokenness.

Broken trust. Broken grace. Broken vulnerability.

Wives struggle to submit.

Husbands struggle to serve.

But as we seek to hand our marriages over to the Lord, we find that He heals us. He sanctifies our hearts and He transforms our marriages.

Do you ever feel that there is something missing in your marriage?

Do you long for a deeper spiritual connection?

Do you struggle to love your spouse as God has called?

I know I have.

I’ve spent too long dwelling on and sitting in broken parts of my own life and allowing my marriage to be tossed back and forth based on my mood and my expectations.

And soon, I realized that something needed to change.

When I finally sat before the Lord and surrendered my heart and my hopes for my marriage to Him, He began to mold my heart.

And through this process, He laid on my heart a message.

The Strengthen Your Marriage Foundation course was born out of that message.

In this course, you will find sections that bring healing and transformation to the areas of prayer, anger, forgiveness, intentional time, communication and accountability.

There are resources for each section that you can work through in your own quiet times or with your spouse together.

There are videos, audio downloads and printable worksheets, just like these for each section.

Strengthen Your Marriage Foundation Course resources
Strengthen Your Marriage Foundation Course resources

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What is the biggest thing that you struggle with in your marriage?

Do you have any unmet expectations or hopes that you would love to see God heal in your heart?

I would love for you to join me over here to check out this opportunity. 

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