I have a laundry list of brokenness in my past.

A list that I struggle to surrender.

A list that I constantly check.

When I don’t measure up, my thoughts instantly drift to the parts of my past that tear at my soul.
The Truth About Your Identity

With each failure, my list grows.

I fear my shortcomings define me.

I dread they measure my worth.

There have been times these pains have grown so big I feared finding my way again was impossible.

I saw myself as broken, guilty and worthless. On my darkest nights, these identities would cover me and leave me hopeless.

I spent a year and a half walking in these false truths, allowing them to dictate my mind and my heart.

I found myself fighting on the wrong side of the battle.

Do you ever find yourself fighting on the wrong side of the battle? Do you ever struggle with a broken past?

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Fighting Boldly for the Truth When a Broken Past Threatens Your Worth