Where is God in our most desperate times of suffering? Why does He let terrible things happen to good people? 

Isn't He powerful enough to stop the pain, the heartache and the tragedy?


Where is God in suffering? This is a timeless and heart-wrenching question. Join me as I share how God works in our suffering.

These are some really difficult questions we all face at some point in our lives.

I've faced tragedies, and walked through some heart-wrenching times of suffering. And in these times, we can't help but ask, "why?"

Can you relate? 

It's often one of the first questions we ask and one of the hardest to find an answer to.

But Jesus answers our question right in Scripture, as the disciples ask the same exact one.

I'm so excited to have shared more of my story and journey to understand suffering over at Gretchen Fleming's blog.

This part of my story is very close to my heart and I hope that you will hop on over to Gretchen's site to hear the rest!


Click to join me for the rest of the post: 

How the Questions from Suffering Can Give Us Hope



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