Have you ever grown weary waiting for God?

What has been your number one prayer this week, this month, this year?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown weary asking God for an answer.

I know His timing is perfect. I know His plan is good.

But sometimes it is hard to remain hopeful and patient when God is silent.

What To Do When You're Weary Waiting for God

I think back to the years before Jesus was born. The Israelite's waited 400 years in silence from God for the promise of a Savior.

Stories of His promise had been passed from generation to generation.

If it were me, I would have grown weary waiting for God, ready to give up hope of God’s salvation.

But after 400 years, God sent the angel Gabriel to Zechariah with the first glimmer of His plan.

The message of hope that Zechariah quickly doubted was the first sight of God’s glorious plan to soon unfold.

If you are waiting for God today, I encourage you to dig into these questions to hear His voice.

Are You Listening?

We spend so much time rushing through our busy days. Often we don’t even slow down to relax.

Maybe you can relate?

When we rush around like this, we forget how to be still and listen.

God often doesn’t speak above the noise. We learn from Elijah’s life that GOd’s voice is in the gentle whisper.

When a bunch of my friends get together, things get loud. There’s tons of stories and events that need catching up on. Most of the time, conversations split off. And then that one friend leans over with something serious to share. She whispers it quietly to me. But with the hustle and noise, I cannot hear her.

We need to slip to a quieter space, away from the distractions. When we close out the noise, her whispered voice becomes crystal clear.

If you are longing to hear God’s voice today, I encourage you to find a way to step into a quiet space - away from the hustle and distractions.

God wants to speak to you. Are you  making space to listen?

Are You Watching?

All around us, God is at work.

Not only is He at work in your own life, but he is moving in the lives of those around you.

It can be so easy to forget this. But when you take the time to be intentional about watching for God, you will see Him working.

Zechariah had spent all his life cultivating holiness. But I imagine that he and his wife had grown weary asking God for a child.

And so when the angel appeared with the promise of a baby, Zechariah doubted.

How often do we doubt God’s working in our own lives? We think something is impossible, or we attribute the miracles to coincidence or our own hard work.

When you are intentional about watching for God, you will be surprised at how often you see His mighty hand at work.

How the Holy Spirit Changes Everything

We have the immense blessing of the Holy Spirit inside us. This means that no matter where you are or what you are going through, God’s Spirit is dwelling within you.

If you are longing to hear God’s voice, you just need to still your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to speak.

You don’t need to be in a church.

You don’t need a priest to intercede for you.

You don’t need an angel to appear.

You have God’s Spirit right now within you.

Take time to listen for His Spirit’s promptings.

God has a plan for you. When you quiet your heart, you will hear Him speak.

To dig deeper and take the next step to hearing God’s voice, you can download my resource below.


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