Courage calls upon us when we face trials, fears or pains that we need to overcome.   God instructs His children not to fear, to stand firm and to be courageous.   Courage often isn’t in the roaring winds, but most of the time we find courage in the quiet moments where we decide to take a step forward when things seem impossible.

There have been many moments in my life where I have failed to find the courage that God calls me to.  From these moments I have learned valuable lessons in how to gather courage within my heart.  I have learned to step forward in moments of suffering and trial.  Courage is in reach within each and every person and I’d like to share some ways to find it within yourself.


Hope is the reason we wake up in the morning.  It is the reason we persevere through tough days and it is the reward we count on.  We hope for so many things.  We hope for success, we hope for love, we hope for praise.  We hope for guidance, we hope for money, we hope for friendship.  The list goes on forever and yet in the middle of all these hopes, sometimes we lose sight of the most important hope of all.  The hope of Christ.  In Christ, we are made new.  We find redemption, healing, peace and joy.  In Christ we learn to love, we learn to forgive and we learn to be at rest.  It is in the hope of Christ that we find true fulfillment in this life.

But how do we take the idea of hoping in Christ and make it a reality?  What about when the job offer doesn’t come through?  Or when you’ve lost love for the nth time and fear you’ll end up alone?  Where is Christ in that?  I want to share with you the insights I have learned on applying this hope to everyday life and everyday struggles.  The fulfillment of hope is there for you to grasp.  Will you be bold enough to grab ahold?


Love is a mysterious word.  Love is the root of our deepest longings and our greatest fears.  Love heals our pain.  Love brings us joy.  Love can be defined by so many different things in this world.  We look to movies and books to determine how we want to be loved.  We look to parents and friends to see how we deserve to be loved.  We define love by so many different standards and because of this, we oftentimes end up hurt and lonely.  We feel that our relationships are lacking.  We feel that our parents aren’t quite doing it right.  We feel that our friends have betrayed us.

Love has the power to heal, but it also has the power to hurt.  When we define love by the wrong standards, our hearts will be broken.  When we look to the wrong sources to fill our longing, we come up empty.  We feel lost and lonely.  But God gives us a clear definition of love.  He even gives us a living example of what that love looks like.  Love dies for us.  Love sacrifices everything for us.  Have you ever been loved that way?

There are so many facets of love and I would like to explore them all.  However, I will settle with exploring love in families, love in relationships, love in marriage, and love in friendships.  I want to share what I have learned about love in these areas of life and hopefully encourage you to seek out the love that you deserve.


Thank you for joining me in this process.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you would like to see answered here.  I am happy to hear from you!  And as you go forward with your day, remember to stand firm in courage, to persevere in hope and to rest in knowing you are loved.

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